A podcast of the Contra newsletter.

Discourses: Big Family with Terry SchillingListen now (60 min) | The transgender-industrial complex, Big Family, and the future of the GOP.
Discourses: Cthulhu Swims LeftListen now (64 min) | An ancient tentacle monster, a post-war global problem, a galaxy brain with all the answers.
Discourses: Middle American BureaucratListen now (69 min) | Apiarist, railroad fanatic, ecumenical rightist zealot, galaxy brain.
Discourses: A Talk with Joe KentListen now (77 min) | A conversation with a candidate for Washington State's 3rd Congressional District.
Discourses: The Family v. the Atomized IndividualListen now (76 min) | Individualing ourselves to death.
Discourses: Reaktionary FeminismListen now (72 min) | The managerial lifestyle and its discontents.
Discourses: A Talk with Bo HinesListen now (60 min) | A conversation with a candidate for North Carolina's 5th district.
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