A podcast hosted by Pedro Gonzalez.

Thoughts on AtlantaListen now | Plus some housekeeping and notes on the process with Contra.
Rethinking the U.S. Alliance SystemWatch now (70 min) | A talk with two scholars from the Institute for Peace and Diplomacy.
The Historical Roots of the Russo-Ukrainian War with Sean McMeekinA talk with a scholar about the tragedy in Europe.
'False Flags' Demand Strategic Skepticism in UkraineListen now (77 min) | There are multiple examples of “false flags” exploited in the interest of war in modern times. We would be wise to remember and…
Raw Egg NationalismListen now (74 min) | Righting modernism's wrong turn, one slonk at a time.
The Round Rock Interviews: Dustin ClarkListen now (54 min) | When school districts harass and arrest parents.
The Round Rock Interviews: Mary BoneListen now (73 min) | A Texas school district’s police department coordinated with the sheriff’s department to arrest parents at their homes under…
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