Middle American Bureaucrat

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Music: “Synthwave E” by TeknoAXE

We are one podcast behind right now because I am getting crushed under a pile of other things. Maybe it’s time I hire an intern.

Anyway, Andrew Kloster joins me for this one. He is a lawyer who has worked with various government agencies. He also served in the Trump White House and was one of the few good guys inside—a true Middle American Radical. His knowledge of the machinery of government is remarkable, and he has some ideas about what we can do better next time around. This starts as a talk about staffing but strays into everything from Jared Kushner, grassroots organizing, and how the Republican Party neutralizes populist insurgencies.

Here is a 22 minute preview. The full talk is available here.


P.S. Due to scheduling issues, the pod with Aimee Terese is still in the works.