Event: Middle American Partisans

Join me for a talk.

On Thursday, October 21, I will be leading a discussion in Canton, Ohio, about the war on Middle America. We’ve got a few seats left, so I am extending invitations through my newsletter. Admission is free.


I see a lot of parallels between our predicament that that of the Spanish partisans who gave Napoleon hell. The peasants of the Peninsula War were the “bitter clingers” of their time, considered superstitious, backward in knowledge and habits. Just 50,000 counter-revolutionary Spanish guerillas managed to frustrate 255,000 French regular troops. But the partisans of that war were not merely engaged in a conflict of arms; theirs was a political war of the highest order. From the root to the branch, they rejected the public sphere of enlightened absolutism for which Napoleon stood. It was a war of annihilation, and only one political order would survive.

If you’d like to hear more, I’ll be in Canton this month.